Planning and strategy

This section provides tips and advice for business strategy.

An introduction to strategic planning
Key elements of strategic planning.
Avoiding traps in strategic planning
Strategy errors to avoid.
Building strategic alliances
How collaboration can benefit your business.
Finding your market niche
Capitalise on your corner of the marketplace.
How to survive when times get tough
Protect your business in a downturn.
Innovate to grow
The three basic skills behind innovation.
Make your planning meetings count
Tips for effective planning meetings.
No business is an island
Understanding your place in the chain.
Pricing strategies
Different approaches to setting a price.
Six reasons why business plans fail
Business planning traps to avoid.
Six steps to an effective business plan
Review your business planning.
Small is profitable
The advantages of being a small business.
Strategies for increasing revenue
Including the product/market matrix.
The right kind of growth
Is growth always healthy?